De-stress with these 5 free online yoga classes

De-stress with these 5 free online yoga classes

Yoga can reverse the negative effects of stress, according to science. This is extremely useful because when stress goes unchecked it can cause chronic inflammation. Scientist associate chronic inflammation with conditions like diabetes, heart disease, stress, depression, and a weakened immune system. Luckily yoga can help us de-stress naturally. 

Further on in this article we will share 5 of the best free yoga classes.

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Of course Yoga is not the silver bullet to optimal health. At Power of Nature we always opt for doing as much as possible for a healthy life, finding improvements in many different fields. Yoga however has a special place in our lives, as it helps you de-stress the body and calm the mind in such a fun way. As hopefully the following free online classes show you. —More on the science behind yoga at the end of the article.

Start your yoga journey here

All you need is a Yoga mat, get into something comfy, and start with one of the following free online Yoga classes. Of course you need to be a bit more cautious and listen to the limits of your body since there is no trainer there to correct you. 

Enjoy stretching, bending and relaxing through the following practices. Arranged for you, from novice to pro.

Easy yoga to start out. Get a great back and neck stretch with Yoga with Adrienne

For our senior loved ones. Get yourself, your father or grandpa started (or mother or grandma of course)

Continue your journey below
Improve your practice

Intermediate. Get in the flow with lulemon

Moderate – pro. Practice yoga from sunny beverly hills

Pro. Get an intense workout with Henry, good luck!

What does the science say about Yoga?

Several studies suggest that yoga could slow the harmful physical effects of stress and inflammation and could even reverse the negative effects of stress on your dna. It can ‘reverse’ the molecule reactions in your DNA which cause ill-health and depression. —You are in control of your health.

These findings are widely publicized in Harvard Health, Time Magazine, and in Frontiers in immunology

Frontiers in immunology, Radboud university, Coventry university, Time magazine

If you think Yoga can benefit a friend or someone in your family, you can share this page or take them with you to a yoga class near you. 

Power of Nature

A big shoutout to Yoga with Adrienne, Alo Yoga, Equal Yoga, Lululemon. Thanks for spreading wellness and helping people relieve stress. 

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