power of nature bottle

CBD + Water soluble 10ML or 20 ML

Contains 800 mg water soluble CBD.
10 x more effective than regular CBD oil.
Comparable with 40% CBD oil.

Best absorbed by your body + Rich in terpenes + Largest entourage effect

Ingredients: Water, Curcumin, Vegetable Glycerine, Triglycerides, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, Pinene, Linalool, Sodium Bicarbonate, CBD, CBC, CBG.

Most effective CBD

Research has shown that Oil based CBD can already deliver great benefits against anxiety, works anti inflammatory and can help with sleep.

However, your body only absorbs between 6-12% of the CBD oil. With water soluble CBD your body absorbs the full 100% of CBD, making it 10 times more effective.

Our body better absorbs water soluble CBD because our body is made for 60% out of water for men and 55% for woman. Our blood contains 80% water.

It’s been known that oil and water don’t mix well, when CBD oil reaches the first-pass metabolism in your body, 90% of the CBD gets broken down before it is fully absorbed by the body and into the bloodstream.

Therefore we’ve made a natural water soluble CBD. Since CBD oil can already have amazing results. Can you imagine what a more absorbent version can do?

Give it a try

Best absorbed by your body

Largest entourage effect


Rich in terpenes

How to use CBD

Just drop one water soluble pump into your tea or water once a day.

Water Soluble

Frequently asked Questions

After years of growing and cultivating hemp we found the purest and best balanced process to create hemps finest CBD. Our hemp is grown with the sole purpose of becoming CBD and nothing else. We bind CBD to curcumin to make it 100% natural water soluble. 

Our product is made by farmers who not solely concentrate on the fiber of the hemp plant. Our harvest moments are in sync with what the plant needs and what we need for the best possible product. Sometimes nature needs a bit more time to create the richest possible profile.

As a minimum take one or two drops every day, consume it with your water or tea.

Find out what works best for your body. Everybody is different with different metabolisms, height, weight and problems. Adjust accordingly.

It’s impossible to overdose on CBD so you don’t have to worry about that. 

Due to the fact that your body is in a different state during pregnancy, combined with the lack of scientific research it’s best to avoid using CBD while pregnant & breastfeeding. 

No, there is only a small amount of THC in our CBD. THC is the part that creates the psycho-active effect, also known as getting high. Our CBD only contains a tiny fraction of 0.x THC. This is necessary for CBD to function at its best. 

There has been no scientific evidence of anyone ever overdosing on CBD (source).

However, we recommend taking 1-2 drops of CBD a day. Increase accordingly to the needs of your body.

Yes, we ship to most countries.

We made our CBD naturally water soluble by combining it with curcumin. Curcumin binds beautifully to CBD and makes it enter your bloodstream more easily, increasing the efficiency of CBD.

We are not doctors and for ailments you should seek out medical assistance.

However we have noticed, and many scientific research points towards great possibilities for CBD.

There are no known side effects.

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